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NAA of Ukraine

Stage Costumes Sketches by Maria Levitska in the Exhibition at the NAA of Ukraine

"Concentration of the Will"Open Call for Artists

Charity Auctionwas held in Londonto support the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

Scientific Conference: Synthesis of Arts in Modern Socio-Cultural Processes  

Art Events in Focus of NAA of Ukraine

"30 Years of Presence.
Contemporary Ukrainian Artists" Exhibition

National Academy of Arts of Ukraine: History and Achievements

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Academicians in History

Tetyana Yablonska

Painter, Teacher

Open, bright tonal painting, swiftness of strokes, well thought-out subject... The creative method of the outstanding Ukrainian artist, Hero of Ukraine and laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine developed from the narrative, detailed style of painting ("Bread", 1949) to the deep, conscious simplicity of compositions and careful development of colour in the picture

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Academicians in History

Yuri Ilyenko

Film Director, Cinematographer and Screenwriter

The laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine and the director of the films "The White Bird Marked with Black" (1970), "The Source for the Thirsty" (1965), "Ivana Kupala Eve" ("St.John's Eve", 1968), Yuri Ilyenko is a master of Ukrainian poetic cinema. His career began with participation in the filming of Sergei Parajanov's "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" (1964) ...

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Academy's History Pages

The Building of the NAA of Ukraine

Year 1898, Architect M. Artynov

The building of the Presidium of the NAAU is located in the city of Kyiv, 20 Bulvarno-Kudryavska street. The building was constructed almost instantaneously at the expense of the sugar manufacturer and billionaire Lev Brodsky (1852-1923) on the site allocated by the City Council for the Children's Hospital of the Society for Assistance to Sick Children. 

Support of the NAA of Ukraine

The patrons of the NAAU are outstanding personalities and people who have contributed to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Ukraine. 
If you wish to become a patron of NAA of Ukraine, please click on the button below and fill out the application. You are welcome to join the group of contributors and leave a mark in history.