Scientific Activity of the NAA of Ukraine

One of the main priorities of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine is fundamental scientific and theoretical research on artistic creativity, theory and history of world and Ukrainian art, art criticism, art education and aesthetic education.
The Academy provides organization, coordination and general scientific guidance of fundamental and applied research on the key issues of arts and culture sciences pursued by members of the Academy, research institutes and dedicated research teams, scientific and creative institutions, enterprises and organizations within the Academy's jurisdiction.

The NAA of Ukraine convenes scientific sessions, congresses, conferences and meetings, including international ones, to discuss challenges of coordination of research and creative work, study and consolidation of the scientific and creative experience of Ukrainian and global culture figures, popularization of scientific knowledge and creative achievements of the world and national art.

The Academy and its research institutes carry out research and expert advisory activities in the field of visual and decorative arts, cultural studies, architecture, design, music, theatre, filmmaking, choreography, theory and history of art and culture, museum studies, preservation and restoration of cultural and artistic heritage monuments, and provides advice on the import and export of cultural property.

Establishments of the NAA of Ukraine


Modern Art Research Institute of the NAA of Ukraine

MARI of the NAA of Ukraine is the only research institution in Ukraine that pursues fundamental research in all types of contemporary art, as well as provides practical and research studies.

    It was founded under the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 13.12.2001 under No. 578-p


Institute for Cultural Research of the NAA of Ukraine

The Institute for Cultural Research of the NAA of Ukraine implements fundamental scientific research in the field of cultural studies as a system of knowledge about the essence of culture, patterns and development of the human environment.

    It was founded under the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 30.05.2007 under No. 357-r and the decision of the Presidium of the NAAU dated 14.06.2007