Honorary Members

Honorary Members of the NAA of Ukraine

Honorary academicians of the Academy are elected from among citizens of Ukraine or foreigners who have made a prominent contribution to the development of art and culture science, national art, as well as leaders and members of scientific and creative institutions, art education institutions, organisations and institutions that have achieved high results in the field of art or art and culture science, and whose successes have been well recognised by the public.

    Honorary members of the Academy are elected for life.

    Honorary academicians of the Academy have an advisory vote.

Election of Honorary Academicians

Candidates for honorary academicians are nominated by the General Meeting of the Departments and elected by the General Meeting of the Academy. Academicians and corresponding members participate in the voting. Elections are considered valid if at least two-thirds of the academicians and corresponding members of the Academy are present at the Meeting. Persons shall be deemed elected if at least two-thirds of the Academy members who participated in the voting have cast their votes.

    By decisions of the General Meeting of the Department and the General Meeting of the Academy, candidates may be nominated and elected to the honorary academician position by open voting.


Larysa Ivanіvna

Honorary academician (2019)

Film critic, film expert

Department of Cinematography

Gorbachev Dmytro Omelyanovych

Honorary academician (2023)

Art historian

Department of Theory and History of Art

Oleksandr Mykhailovych

Honorary academician (2009)


Department of Fine Arts

Anatolii Ivanovych

Honorary academician (2018)

Opera singer

Department of Musical Art

Volodymyr Yukhymovych

Honorary academician (2013)

Historian, publicist

Department of Theory and History of Art

Borys Andriyovych

Honorary academician (2014)

Art photographer

Department of synthesis of plastic arts

Pavlo Mykhailovych Movchan

Honorary academician (2020)

Journalist, politician

Department of Theory and History of Art

Viktor Andriyovych

Honorary academician (2017)

Political figure

Department of Fine Arts
  • Adamovskyi Andrii Hryhorovych

    Honorary Academician (2022) Philanthropist, collector

  • Aftanaziv Zenko Semenovych

    Honorary Academician (2021) Philanthropist, collector  

  • Bahriy Petro Ivanovych

    Honorary academician (2012) Philanthropist

  • Baldis Myroslav Mykolaiovych

    Honorary academician (2017) Philanthropist

  • Baloha Viktor Ivanovych

    Honorary Academician (2014) Philanthropist, politician

  • Bezkliubenko Serhiy Danylovych

    Honorary academician (2018) Art critic, politician

  • Davymuka Stepan Antonovych

    Honorary academician (2018) Scientist, politician

  • Dymshyts Eduard Oleksandrovych

    Honorary academician (2020) Curator, collector

  • Stanislav Oleksiiovych Dovhyi

    Honorary academician (2020) Scientist, politician

  • Zharovskyi Arkadii Lvovych

    Honorary academician (2000) Producer

  • Zhebrovska Filya Ivanivna

    Honorary Academician (2015) Philanthropist, economist

  • Zhulynskyi Mykola Hryhorovych

    Honorary academician (2017) Politician, writer

  • Kuchirka Mykhailo Dmytrovych

    Honorary academician (2018) Philanthropist

  • Mosenkis Yuriy Leonidovych

    Honorary academician (2020) Philologist

  • Pozhyvanov Mykhailo Oleksandrovych

    Honorary academician (2022) Philanthropist, politician

  • Pohodzey Ivan Ivanovych

    Honorary academician (2020) Politician

  • Radzikhovsky Anatoliy Pavlovich

    Honorary Academician (2017) Scientist, surgeon, artist

  • Rybchynskyi Yurii Yevhenovych

    Honorary Academician (2023) Poet, screenwriter

  • Semynozhenko Volodymyr Petrovych

    Honorary Academician (1998) Scientist, artist

  • Suslenskyi Oleksandr Semenovych

    Honorary Academician (2018) Philanthropist, collector

  • Tolstoukhov Anatolii Volodymyrovych

    Honorary Academician (2021) Politician, scientist

  • Chernets Vasyl Hnatovych

    Honorary academician (2017) Cultural critic

  • Chupryna Volodymyr Hryhorovych

    Honorary academician (2015) Artist

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