International Partners of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

International Partners

The National Academy of Arts of Ukraine implements a variety of international projects, engages in international cooperation, establishes foreign economic relations, and conducts international scientific and artistic activities to integrate Ukrainian art and science into the global scientific and artistic scene while ensuring and protecting national interests.
The following international institutions are focused on establishing partnerships with the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine and the Ukrainian artistic and scientific community:


The European Alliance of Academies

The European Alliance of Academies forms a network of art academies and cultural institutions across Europe, organizing cross-national cooperation that advocates for artistic freedom. Through new forms of cooperation, the member institutions support each other and show solidarity when necessary. The Alliance is headquartered in Berlin at Pariser Platz 4 (Akademie der Künste).


Academy of Fine Arts (Académie des Beaux-Arts)

One of the five academies of the Institut de France, located in Paris at Quai de Conti, 23. It was founded in 1816 and formed from the Academy of Painting and Sculpture, the Academy of Music and the Academy of Architecture, established in the 17th century and united in 1803. The Academy of Fine Arts includes the departments of painting, sculpture, architecture, graphics, music composition, cinematography and audiovisual arts (since 1985), and photography (since 2005).


Berlin Academy of Arts(Akademie der Künste)

A German higher education institution located in the Mitte district of Berlin. The Academy's predecessor organization was founded in 1696 by Elector Frederick III of Brandenburg as the Brandenburg Academy of Arts. The Academy was designed to perform administrative and educational functions. In 1799, the Berlin Academy of Architecture was established on the basis of the Civil Engineering Faculty of the Berlin Academy of Arts by order of King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia.


Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts is an art institution based in Burlington House on Piccadilly in London, the UK. Founded in 1768, it has a unique position as an independent, privately funded institution led by eminent artists, sculptors and architects. The Royal Academy of Arts is the most influential and respected institution that promotes the arts in the UK and collaborates with cultural institutions around the world.


Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The major scientific and artistic institution of Bosnia and Herzegovina is based in Sarajevo at 7 Bistrik Street.The Academy was established by the Law on the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1966, by transforming the Scientific Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina founded in 1951.


Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

Higher art educational institution of Georgia, located in Tbilisi at 22 Alexander Griboedov Street. Today the Academy is named after Apollon Kutateladze.
The mission of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts is to promote universal values and to facilitate artistic, creative and research activities in the area of visual art, design, media art, architecture, restoration and conservation, art theory and history.