'NAAof Ukraine NewsExhibition of Andriy Chebykin's Artworks to the Edition of "Love Caresses" by Ovid

The National Museum "Kyiv Picture Gallery" hosts the exhibition of illustrations by the artist Andriy Chebykin to the unique edition of Ovid's "Love Caresses", translated by Andriy Sodomora. The exhibition is open from November 9 to December 11, 2022.


This unique book includes three works by Ovid, which correspond to the three most expressive systemic manifestations of love. The first one - "Love Elegies" - corresponds to the origin of the feeling of love, its 'inner' evolution, accompanied by a powerful spiritual activation, creative rise.
The second one - "The Art of Love" - corresponds to the stage of full reciprocity of the couple, fascinated by each other, when the ability to love is crucial. The third one is related to the breakup, pain and suffering - "The Cure for Love", which is a fanciful, charming, humorous, fun love game. These works are united by a common concept: Amores or love caresses. With the printing of books, Ovid's works became one of the most frequently illustrated (after the Bible) in Europe.
Every outstanding master of pen and chisel considered it necessary to illustrate Ovid. It was a test of supreme skill. Each generation formed its own vision and imaginative perception of Ovid. And today, Ovid's incredible virtuosity, amazing subtle humor, all-encompassing sensuality and deep humanity have come closer to us due to the thoughtful translation by Andriy Sodomora and the skill of Andriy Chebykin, and we, Ukrainians, are joining this civilizational process.

When one opens the book, he dives into the wonderful world of words, thoughts and images of Ovid.

by Stepan Davymuka


ANDRIY SODOMORA is a classical humanitarian university in one person with an advanced program of cultivating knowledge on the ethics and spirituality value platform. Writer, translator, researcher and interpreter of texts of the world literary heritage.

Professor of the Department of Classical Philology at the Ivan Franko National University in Lviv, full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, Cand. Sc. in Philology, member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, laureate of the Maksym Rylsky Prize and the Hryhoriy Kochur Literary Prize, UNESCO City of Literature Prize and others, honorary citizen of the city of Lviv.


ANDRIY CHEBYKIN is a personality with a rich creative profile, an artist and teacher, a virtuoso of the line in engraving and original graphics. He expresses the lyrical and dramatic essence of life in numerous artistic cycles. Relying on the elite forms of cultural classics, he managed to develop an individual creative programme full of inner tension and nostalgia for Harmony. He implements the author's creative credo "Art is the antipode of the "aesthetics of the disgusting".

An artist-intellectual, with a modern aesthetic worldview, one of the founders of the national model of art education in Ukraine. He is Academic Secretary of the Department of Fine Arts of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine, People's Artist of Ukraine, Professor.