News The European Alliance Academies Forum in Budapest

From 30 May to 1 June 2023, the Forum of the European Alliance of Academies with the participation of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine was held at the Central European University (Budapest)


The National Academy of Arts of Ukraine is the only Eastern European academy that is a member of the Alliance.
First Vice President of the NAA of Ukraine, academician Valerii Bitaiev, delivered a presentation at the Forum, informing the Alliance members about the current activities of the NAA of Ukraine, in particular, the implementation of the following targeted programmes of the Academy:- development of scientific research on the challenges of the state-building mission of Ukrainian art;- creation of a series of scientific works on the study of the historical genesis of Ukrainian art, its national identity and the definition of identity criteria;- preservation and recreation of the national artistic heritage, its protection from Russia's hostile aggression;- implementation of artistic events, including art exhibitions, art therapy for different age groups affected by the war.
Alliance members expressed a positive assessment of the NAAU's programmes of activities and showed solidarity in support of the Ukrainian people's fight against Russian aggression.


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