NewsMARI of the NAA of Ukraine hosts Charity Exhibition [individual variability]

The exhibition follows a collaboration between the Modern Art Research Institute (MARI) of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine and the Silently to Deafness project, raising funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine through art. The goal of the exhibition is to support the collection of funds for the purchase of a vehicle for a combat unit of the 'Rubizh' Rapid Response Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, in which artist Oleksandr Len serves. Len himself co-curated the exhibition together with Anastasia Kuzmenko and Andriy Sydorenko.


Among the participants: Tiberiy Szilvashi, Nikita Kadan, Oleksandr Len and Andriy Sydorenko, Zhanna Kadyrova, Diana Kachurovska, Maria Matyashova, Dima Tolkachiov, Natalia Lisova, Anton Sayenko and others, with a total of over thirty contemporary Ukrainian artists.


Wood, metal, photography, video, embroidery, collage, painting, graphics, digital art, textiles, prints - all these various exhibits in individual styles and authors' favourite media were united in a large space, creating a coherence: visual, thematic, emotional.

What is the idea behind the exhibition, apart from the meta-task of helping the army in any way possible? It is an inspiring idea of searching for something that gives you the strength to live and create. Everyday life, professional fulfilment, and cultural activities today are all about overcoming the tremendously tense field created by the war. The emotional sine wave, when despair, disbelief, and severe fatigue are replaced by an uplift and a thirst for work, a desire to move forward, is probably familiar nowadays to every person. Strength and inspiration come from someplace. 
"The charity exhibition [Individual variability] highlights the inner strength that each of us carries," the curators say. "It focuses on the objects, processes and experiences that surround a person in a moment of deep pain. However, these are also the objects, processes and experiences that remain in a moment of calm, everyday life and habitual living. These are the stories that we do not notice, even though they are tiny mechanisms and engines."

The project will run until 16 December at the MARI's exhibition hall (18D, Y. Konovaltsia Street). All the exhibits are available for purchase; some have already found owners, but remain on display.
Exhibition opening hours: Monday - Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday from 12 pm to 4 pm, closed on Sundays. Group tours on demand.

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