NAA of Ukraine NewsThe First Night of the "Terrible Vengeance" Opera in Lviv

In late November, the Lviv National Opera hosted the world premiere of the opera "Terrible Vengeance" on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Yevhen Stankovych, contemporary Ukrainian composer, People's Artist of Ukraine, Full Member (Academician) of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.


German artists were involved in the production – director Andreas Weirich and set and costume designer Anna Schöttl. "Terrible Vengeance" was the first experience of German directors with Ukrainian folklore pieces.

Photo from the "Terrible Revenge" opera, Lviv National Opera. Music and libretto by Y.Stankovich, based on the novel by Mykola Gogol

Performers on the stage of the Lviv National Opera

The conductor of the performance is a renowned interpreter of Stankovych's music, the People's Artist of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Art of Ukraine Volodymyr Sirenko.

"Terrible Vengeance" is a mystical story of terrible retaliation for terrible atrocities that reflects the events of today. The play is especially relevant in the context of the inhuman crimes of russism nowadays.

The personal interpretation of Gogol's plot as the author's reading of the biblical story of Cain and Abel was offered by German crew – director Andreas Weirich and set designer Anna Schöttl.

The guest conductor is a well-known interpreter of Stankovych's music – Volodymyr Sirenko. The spectacularly intellectual Ukrainian opera has never been so modern!