News"Creating DOVBUSH Movie" exhibition in the Great Exhibition Hall of the NAA of Ukraine

The Academy launches a series of events dedicated to the main cinematic event of the year: the release of Oles Sanin's Dovbush movie in Ukraine and worldwide.


For the second time this year, the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine is organising large-scale exhibition projects. After the successful implementation of the Concentration of the Will project, which ran until the end of August, as part of the 15th New Aspirations platform of cultural initiatives, the Academy launched a series of events dedicated to the main cinematic event of 2023, the release of Dovbush movie.
On 12 September, in the Academy's Great Exhibition Hall, the President of the NAA of Ukraine, academician Victor Sydorenko and the film's director, Vice President of the NAA of Ukraine, corresponding member of the NAA of Ukraine Oles Sanin opened the exhibition "Creating the Dovbush movie".


"Dozens of film artists and hundreds of craftsmen created a whole universe for this film: the sets, costumes, weapons and jewellery, sketches and storyboards, photos and video chronicles of the backstage. Hopefully, those who visit the exhibition will have a chance to see and feel the love and dedication we gave to the story that inspired us," said Oles Sanin.

Referring to the film's musical theme, the director noted in particular: "We have been looking for the 'one and only' true sound for the film Dobush, a sound that would reveal the soul of our hero, that is a mixture of the voice of the free wind, the rhythm of the eternal struggle and is filled with the energy of rushing streams, pristine forests and eternal mountains. Moreover, we sought to create modern, energetic cinematic music that would become a new character, a new voice, and tell our heartfelt legend to the audience, a legend of love and hope. I think we have succeeded."
The opening of the exhibition was attended by the main characters - actors Serhiy Strelnikov (Dovbush), Ashot Arushanov (Vartan) and the film crew: costume designer Maria Kero, dialogue editor and author of the screenplay novelisation Vasyl Karpiuk, and author of the photo backstage Mitya Borodin.
The exhibition features the costumes of the characters, props, sets, original storyboards, photos and videos from the film set. The exhibition opening will be followed by creative meetings, discussions and curatorial tours by the director, production designers, composers, special effects designers, historical experts, etc. Lectures and talks are also planned for schoolchildren and students of film universities.
The exhibition will run until 10 October 2023.Address: NAA of Ukraine, 20 Bulvarno-Kudriavska St.Opening hours of the exhibition: Mon-Fri, 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.Admission is free
Photo by Tetyana Myachkova

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