NAA of Ukraine News"Still Wet" Abstracts of Bedri Baykam

"Still Wet" Recent Abstracts solo exhibition of Bedri Baikam, a foreign member of the NAA of Ukraine, is on view in Los Angeles.


An Academician Bedri Baykam, a first-generation New-Expressionist since the very early 80s, evolved his art in various ways, becoming a “cultural guerilla” struggling for non-western artists’ rights and a multidisciplinary artist involved deeply in political activism and political art. He is known throughout his career for spontaneous expressionist use of paint, alongside his versatile multimedia works ranging from Pop art to political hotlines.
For the works of the new series on view in LA, he uses thick mixed-media elements that end up creating several layers that look not only “still wet” but also bring surprisingly a fresh spirit to abstract painting that has been known to the world audience since the Black Square of 1913. “Still Wet” mainly features new abstract works on canvas that vary around 6 x 7 feet, all done between 2021 and 2022, as well as 4Ds (lenticular works), paper works, and Art History Map.
Baykam launched his “Art History Map” in Türkiye in April 2019; it has raised great interest worldwide. It comprises all the art movements and major (or sometimes lesser known) artists chosen by Baykam from the Renaissance till 2019 with a general onlook to the whole world culture of art, literature, science, and events, with a macro vision bringing a global vision in time and space, rarely seen in the western art world.


The “Art History Map” also shows all related connections of art movements among artists from different centuries and decades and their simultaneity with all the explorers, philosophers, statesperson, scientists, musicians, filmmakers, etc. Thus, the Map also acquires a world cultural and socio-political dimension.
Bedri Baykam’s 147th solo show, “Still Wet,” is on view at the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts in Downtown LA, California, until May 30, 2023. Baykam’s following shows will be in Berlin this year, in Chicago and Paris in early 2024. 

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