Serhiy Masloboyshchykov

Academician of the NAA of Ukraine


Serhiy Masloboyshchykov

    born in 1957

Film and Stage Director, Graphic Artist, Theatre Artist, Set Designer, Actor

    Academician of the NAA of Ukraine (2021)

    Laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine (2021)

    Honoured Worker of Arts of Ukraine (2019)

    Associate Professor (2022)

Serhiy Masloboyshchykov works as a film director, screenwriter, theatre director, television and advertising director, graphic artist, painter, theatre artist, theatre costume designer, and lecturer at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
He pays special attention to the television screen with its exceptional capabilities to reproduce the entire energy of the running historical process, to comprehend the crisis and spasmodic events that our modernity is abundant in. Since 1990, when Masloboyshchykov's thesis was presented in the Cannes Film Festival programme, the director's fiction and documentary films have won nearly 40 awards at international and national film festivals and have been screened in many countries around the world.
Among them: The Country Doctor (1988), The Other (1989), Josephine the Singer and the People of Mice (1994), and The Sound of Wind (2002). His personal "film library" of non-fiction films and TV works is dedicated to the most prominent phenomena of world culture and world history in general: "The World of Sashko Shumovych" (1997), "Monologues" (a series of TV programmes, 1997-1998), "...from Bulgakov" (1999), "Two Families" (2000), "The Leader" (2000), "Galshchyn's House" (2002), "Nevseremos'!" (2005), "Ukrainian Argument" (2014); "My Voice" (2016), etc.
In all his films, Masloboyshchykov acts as a screenwriter. As a theatre director, he has created nearly 20 performances and more than 50 performances as a theatre artist. Among his theatre directorial works: A Theatre Affair (1992); Carmen (Budapest, 2001); The Burgher Nobleman (Budapest, 2003); A Midsummer Night's Dream (Budapest, 2004); Tosca (Miskolc International Opera Festival, 2006); West Side Story (Debrecen, 2006); The Avaricious (Budapest, 2007); Manon Lescaut (Budapest International Spring Festival, 2008); The Taming of the Shrew (Debrecen, 2010); The Tempest (Kyiv, 2010); A Midsummer Night's Dream (Veszprém, 2010; The Tempest (International Shakespeare Festival, Düla, 2012); Dangerous Liaisons (Kyiv, 2012), etc.
S. Masloboyshchykov is a three-time winner of the Kyiv Pectoral (1997, 2001, 2011), the V. Klech (2000) and F. Nirod (2015) awards; he was awarded the Gold Medal of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine in the Theatre nomination (1998) and numerous other awards. Laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine in 2021 for the play Verba based on Lesya Ukrainka's fairy drama "The Forest Song".

S. Masloboyshchykov continues to work as a book graphic artist, poster artist, and designer; he is a lecturer at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. In times of tense historical challenges for the country, Masloboishchikov devotes himself to documentary filmmaking, creating films about the Maidan of 2004 and 2014.

Masloboyshchykov's works are filled with a sense of unity between simple and complex categories. The works are distinguished by the depth of cinematic and stage images, and an undeniable taste.


1957 - born on 18 August in the city of Kyiv.

1981 - graduated from the Kyiv State Art Institute, Faculty of Graphic Arts.

1981, 1983-1984 - art director of the Kyiv Variety Theatre.

1984-1986 - chief artist of the Kyiv Youth Theatre.

1986-1987 - studied at the Kyiv State Institute of Theatre Arts, Faculty of TV Directing (workshop of V.B. Kisin).

1989 - graduated from the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors at the State Film Centre of the USSR, Moscow (workshop of R. Balayan).

Since 1990 - director of the highest category at the O. Dovzhenko National Film Studio of Feature Films.

Member of the National Unions of Artists, Theatre and Cinematographers of Ukraine.


Non-fiction, short feature films

● The Country Doctor (1988, short film)● The Other (1989, short film)● The World of Sashko Shumovych (1997, documentary)● From Bulgakov (1999, Kontakt Studio, documentary, 29 min., 37 min. in the version with the author's commentary)● «Lider» Daniil Lider (2000, documentary, 30 min.)● Two Families (2000, documentary, 30 min.)● Halshchyn's House (2002, Inspiration Fims, documentary, 30 min.)● People from Maydan. NEVSEREMOS! (2005, documentary)● Like hell (2009, feature film)● The Ukrainian Argument (2014, documentary)● Your Own Voice (2016, documentary)

Full-Length Feature Films

● Josephine the Singer and the People of Mice (1994)● The Sound of Wind (2002)


1971 - "Not a Day Without Adventure"
1972 - "Faith, Hope, Love" - "Gnidyi"
1973 - "Dominoes"
1974 - "Adventures on Earth and in Heaven"
1974 - "Second Breath"
1976 - "The Island of Youth"

Experience in Theatre


Kyiv Academic Molodyy Theatre

● Don Juan based on the play of Molière● Hedda Gabler based on the play by Henrik Ibsen

Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre

● 2010, 20 June - The Tempest based on the play of the same name by William Shakespeare● 2019, 27 March - Verba based on the fairy drama "The Forest Song" by Lesya Ukrainka

Stage Designer

Taras Shevchenko National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ukraine

● "Chasing Two Hares" (Jack of all trades) ballet based on the play by Mykhailo Staritskyi