Oleksandr (Oles) Sanin

Vice President of the NAA of Ukraine


Oleksandr (Oles) Sanin

    born in 1972

Film director, cultural and public figure
Position: Vice President of the NAA of Ukraine

    Corresponding Member (2021)

    Laureate of the Oleksandr Dovzhenko State Prize of Ukraine (2004)

    Honoured Artist of Ukraine (2014)

Oles Sanin (Oleksandr Sanin) is a Ukrainian film director, actor, cinematographer, producer, musician and sculptor. Laureate of the Oleksandr Dovzhenko State Prize of Ukraine (2004). Honoured Artist of Ukraine (2014).

A cinematographer of several documentary films, and a director of a number of documentary and fiction short films. Among Sanin's most famous works is the film Mamai (2003), which was nominated by Ukraine for an Oscar Academy Award.
He is the laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine named after Oleksandr Dovzhenko for his film Mamai (2003), the Silver Medal of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, and the Silver Medal of the Lumiere Brothers.

Oles Sanin plays bandura, torban, hurdy-gurdy and continues the Volyn lyre tradition. He used to produce musical instruments for quite some time, having inherited the craft from his grandfather. Under the pseudonym Oles Smyk, he is a member of the Kyiv Kobzar Workshop.

He was awarded the Big Gold Medal of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine (2023).



The Guide, or Flowers Have Eyes


Film Dovbush2022


Film Mamai2003


1972 — born in Kamen-Kashyrskyi, Volyn region. 1993 — graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv State Institute of Theatre Arts, acting department (workshop of Valentyna Zymnya),1998 — a course in feature film directing (Leonid Osyka's workshop).Had internships in the Netherlands and the USA.1994 до 2000 — director, cameraman, head of the film and TV projects department at the Ukrainian representative office of the international corporation Internews Network. Producer of several dozen documentaries (produced by Internews Network, Canal+, Channel 1+1, NTV, TNT, POLSAT, DALAS studio, IKON, PRO Helvecia, etc.)2014 — the world premiere of the Ukrainian historical drama film The Guide, or Flowers Have Eyes, directed and written by Oles Sanin is held at the Odesa International Film Festival.2014 — Honoured Artist of Ukraine, "for significant personal contribution to state-building, socio-economic, scientific, technical, cultural and educational development of Ukraine, significant labour achievements and high professionalism"



Feature films (full-length)

● 2003 — Mamai (director, screenwriter, actor)● 2013 — The Guide (director, screenwriter)● 2022 — Dovbush (director)

Feature films (short)

● 2018 — Anna (director, screenwriter)

Documentary films

● 1994 — Mother Nadiya (Hope)● 1994 — The Storm● 1995 — Harsh Winter● 1996 — The Wasteland● 1998 — Dance of the Walrus● 1999 — The Nation. Lemkos● 1999 — The Nation. Jews● 1999 — Sin● 2000 — Christmas, or How the Hutsuls Expected the End of the World● 2001 — Watercolour● 2005 — The Seventh Day● 2008 — The Defector (co-written with Mark Harris, *not credited)● 2017 — Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine (co-written with Mark Harris)


● 1995 — Assassination. An Autumn Murder in Munich