NewsRehabilitation: Art Therapy at the NAA of Ukraine

On Saturday, July 1, the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine is pleased to invite children and their mothers for a session of art therapy workshops as part of the Rehabilitation: Art Therapy project.


The programme is initiated and implemented with the support of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, The Aleksandr Savchuk Foundation and Art Support Fund. This time, young and grown-up artists will create collages and drawing together with Svitlana Ostrovska and Oleksandra Makarska


With Svitlana Ostrovska, the participants will work with a spontaneous collage technique and thus release their emotions and feelings in the creative process. Together with Oleksandra Makarska, young and adult artists will try various drawing techniques and a range of graphic materials in practice.
The Rehabilitation: Art Therapy programme is designed to provide artistic and psychotherapeutic sessions for mothers and their children, who have suffered from Russian aggression and need psychological support. The workshops are aimed at reducing post-traumatic stress disorder caused by a traumatic experience of war in mothers/guardians and children, as well as reducing anxiety and improving their emotional well-being and relationships with other people.

The sessions of the Rehabilitation: Art Therapy programme help to develop the creative abilities and imagination of both children and adults. In addition, after the art session, there is an opportunity to talk to psychologists, work through the expressed emotions through art and find an effective tool for further benefit in the conversation.
To the attention of regular visitors of the programme's art therapy sessions: please note that this time the workshop will be held at the premises of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.
When: 1 July from 12 pm to 2 pm
Address: 20, Bulvarno-Kudriavska St., Kyiv city

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