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Supported by the European Union, the European Union in Ukraine held a large-scale art plein air at the Lavra Art Gallery in Kyiv.


Representatives of the Presidium of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine and the Modern Art Research Institute of the NAA of Ukraine took part in the art plein air "Cultural Mosaic", held on 8 July 2023 as part of the communication campaign "Together we create. Together we preserve" with the support of the European Union.
The art plein air is a key public event of the communication campaign, launched in March 2023, which encourages Ukrainians to learn about the importance of preserving cultural heritage, especially during the war, and to meet contemporary artists who contribute to enriching Ukraine and our European family with cultural heritage.
One of the key events of the Cultural Mosaic plein air was a speaker's lecture series with presentations by museum curators, restorers and representatives of creative industries on their experience of preserving and developing culture during the war, including their experience of cooperation with the European Union institutions.
The lecture was attended by the Academic Secretary of the Department of Theory and History of Arts of the NAA of Ukraine, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor Vladyslav Korniienko. Celebrating an extraordinary event for the cultural life of Ukraine - the membership of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine in the European Alliance of Academies - he shared the experience of cooperation between the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine and the European Union and spoke about the importance of this event for the development of the cultural sphere of Ukraine.


Vladyslav Korniienko commented: "It is the international component that is becoming perhaps the most important aspect of the National Academy of Arts today, since the cultural and artistic features of Ukraine have proved to be of the foremost interest to the international community, and precisely during the period of a full-scale invasion."
"The range of tasks in the international activities of our Academy is stipulated by the fact that even under the statutory conditions, the Academy implements various international projects, carries out international cooperation, establishes foreign economic relations and conducts international scientific and artistic activities in order to integrate Ukrainian art and science into the world scientific and artistic space with the aim of ensuring and protecting the national interests of Ukraine," Vladyslav Korniienko continued. 
He added that the international partners of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine are the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Berlin Academy of Arts, the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and the Alliance of European Academies.
During the Cultural Mosaic art plein air, in addition to attending lectures, the artists, cultural and creative workers, as well as all those interested, had a chance to visit an exhibition on the preservation of Ukraine's cultural heritage during the war, take part in engaging workshops, learn about EU grant opportunities, and visit an exhibition of printed products by the Dukh i Litera (Spirit and a Letter) Publishing and Research Association. Children participated in a creative drawing competition. The event also featured the opening of an exhibition of the winners of an art project competition dedicated to artistic reflection on the war in Ukraine.

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