Supported by the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, the 34th International Festival KYIV MUSIC FEST-2023 opens on 30 September.


From 30 September to 8 October, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine and the National Union of Composers of Ukraine will stage a major art event - the 34th International Festival KYIV MUSIC FEST 2023. One of the festival's partners is the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.
The artistic director is Yevhen Stankovych, academician of the NAA of Ukraine. The chairman of the artistic council is Ihor Shcherbakov, corresponding member of the NAA of Ukraine. The festival will feature choral, chamber, instrumental and symphonic music by Ukrainian composers, including academics and corresponding members of the NAA of Ukraine: Yevhen Stankovych, Ihor Shcherbakov, Lesia Dychko, Zhanna Kolodub, and Oleksii Skrypnyk. Conductors also participate in the festival: Academician of the NAA of Ukraine Yevhen Savchuk, Corresponding Members of the NAA of Ukraine Volodymyr Sirenko and Volodymyr Sheiko.
The Kyiv Music Fest 2023 will feature a screening of the documentary The Cameron of Fate and a presentation of new releases. The Great Hall of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine will be one of the festival's music venues. It will host a range of concerts, including the following:
1 October (Sunday) at 12 p.m. on the occasion of the International Day of Music:"Choral Kaleidoscope". The Choir of Boys and Young Men of the Practice Sector of the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine, the Blagovist Soloists Ensemble and the Ukrainian Radio Bandura Trio will perform works by D. Tuptal, O. Kozarenko, S. Malyutsa, H. Havrylets, L. Dychko, V. Antonyuk, S. Zelenskyi, M. Datsko, O. Polyovyi, S. Ostrova, Y. Vereshchahin, O. Rudyanskyi, D. Shchyrytsya, R. Nykyforiv, A. Komlikova, I. Karabytsya, Y. Alzhniev, and A. Bondarenko.
3 October (Tuesday) at 12 p.m.:All-Ukrainian roundtable on the subject «Ukrainian festival movement in the time of war as one of the most important levers of the musical and historical process». It is organised by the Ukrainian Association of Cinematographers and NAA of Ukraine (via Zoom).
At 5 p.m., the International Project of Electroacoustic Music and Media Art Hommage à Danylo Pertsov (1973-2021) will present works by D. Pertsov, O. Suk, M. Arestovych, O. Chornyi, I. Taranenko, T. Khoroshun, A. Stuk, D. Hetman, J. Favotti (France), O. Manulyak, Y. Shlyabanska, A. Barsov, and A. Zahaykevych.


7 October (Saturday) at 4 p.m.:Performers of the Kyiv Chamber Choir will present the programme "Music Born by War", including works by H. Havrylets, I. Nebesnyi, V. Stepurko, V. Silvestrov, and V. Polyova. 
8 October (Sunday) at 12:30 p.m.:The programme "Ukraine, I Pray for You" by the Chamber Girls' Choir and the Consolidated Junior Choir of the Kyiv Lysenko State Music Lyceum, the Gaudeamus and Strumochok choirs, and the Khreshchatyk Academic Chamber Choir. They will perform works by Yu. Korzhenko, Yu. Ishchenko, L. Dychko, M. Shukh, O. Bilash, I. Shamo, V. Polyova, D. Bortnyanskyi, A. Avdiyevskyi, M. Leontovych, O. Skrypnyk, Ye. Marchuk, V. Pavenskyi, S. Horyunovych, A. Haidenko, V. Reva, V. Stepurko, I. Haidenko, M. Stetsun, V. Stetsenko, Yu. Alzhniev.
The full programme of KYIV MUSIC FEST 2023 is available here
Admission is freeNational Academy of Arts of Ukraine20, Bulvarno-Kudriavska str.

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