News from Our AcademiciansDon’t miss the exhibition of Boris Mikhailov's photographs in Paris

Don’t miss the exhibition of Boris Mikhailov's photographs at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (Paris).


The European House of Photography (MEP) opened the exhibition "Boris Mikhailov. Ukrainian Diary", representing the photographic works of one of the most famous Ukrainian artists of all time, renowned for his creativity and passion for documentary and history, from 1960 to the present day. Mikhailov is a pioneer in documentary photography, conceptual work, painting and performance art.

Exhibition "Boris Mikhailov. Ukrainian Diary"

Artist and Academician of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine Borys Mykhaylov

Devoting himself to social and political subjects, the artist tells, through his photos, the story of the Soviet system in his country for half a century, its consequences, its dissolution, and also what happened to Ukraine afterwards. The exhibition brings together more than 800 works and presents some twenty of the artist's most important series, up to the most recent ones.
Boris Mikhailov is a key figure in the Kharkiv School of Photography, winner of such awards as the Hasselblad Award (2000), Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Award (2001), Goslar Kaiserring Award (2015), as well as a representative of Ukraine at the Venice Biennale in 2007 and 2017. Kharkiv School of Photography is an artistic movement that originated in the 1960s. The influences of its artistic strategies can be traced in contemporary Ukrainian and even world photography. One of the famous American photographers Nan Golding was inspired namely by the work of Boris Mikhailov.
The exhibition is open in Paris from 7 September 2022 to 15 January 2023.