Serhiy Babushkin

Corresponding Member of the NAA of Ukraine


Serhiy Babushkin

    born in 1947


    Corresponding Member (2001)

    Honoured Architect of Ukraine (1997)

    Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Architecture

Serhiy Babushkin is an architect, creator of many construction projects for various purposes in Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia.
S. Babushkin's works are remarkable for the purity of his architectural concept, thoroughness of space planning, and successful architectural forms that are in time with the current stage of development of Ukrainian architecture. His creative solutions are inventive and original, and his works are marked by high professional skills, as evidenced by his victories in a variety of competitions.
Babushkin launched his personal creative workshop "S. Babushkin". As the head of this studio, he shares his experience with young talents and runs competitions for the best projects. His creative heritage includes more than 70 public and residential facilities, health resort buildings, municipal services in Kyiv city, as well as engineering and transport facilities. Major developments: projects of the banks "Ukraina", "Prominvestbank", "AZHIO", "INKO"; the building of the traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv city in Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Street; City Tax Inspectorate in Sholudenko Street; New Apostolic Church on Pavlo Tychyna Avenue; Zazymia sanatorium; Church of the Younger Brothers of the Capuchins; Gorky Sanatorium in Jurmala; reconstruction of Jaunkemeri and Kereri sanatoriums (Latvia); Swedish Embassy and residence of the Swedish Ambassador to Ukraine in Borychiv Tik Street. The architect's work is widely covered in periodicals and other editions (over 700 publications).


● 1947 – was born on 10 April in Sverdlovsk, Russia.● 1971 – graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (Ural Branch) with a degree in Architecture.● 1971–1981 – architect, chief project architect of the Latvian branch of the Soyuzkurortproekt institute.● 1981–1984 – Chief Project Architect of the Latvian branch of Diprotorg.● 1984–1990 – Head of the Department of Volumetric Design, Head of the Specialised Integrated Workshop of the Kyivproekt Main Department.● 1990–1992 – Director of the "Pioner" minor architectural company.● 1992–1993 – First Deputy Head of the Main Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of Kyiv.● Since 1993 – Head of the personal creative practice "S. Babushkin".● 1996–2003 – Chief Architect of the city of Kyiv, Head of the Main Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of Kyiv city.● Member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.