Roman Balayan

Academician of the NAA of Ukraine


Roman Balayan

    born in 1941

Film director, screenwriter, film producer

    Academician of the NAA of Ukraine (2001)

    Laureate of the USSR State Prize (1987)

    People's Artist of Ukraine (1997)

    Member of the European Academy of Motion Picture Arts (the European Film Academy)

Roman Balayan is a director of the Dovzhenko National Film Studio. In 1996-2020, he was the director of the Illusion Films studio. The artist's creative style is marked by a high culture of directing, deep insight into the inner world of the characters, the ability to see and feel out the main objective of the film being created. These qualities brought R. Balayan and his films well-deserved recognition and popularity both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.
R. Balayan's creative work includes the TV film "Kashtanka" (1975); films "The Hermit" (1977; participant in the main competition of the Berlin International Film Festival), "Flights in Dreams and Waking Life" (1982; State Prize of the USSR - 1987), "The Kiss" (1983), "Take Care of Me, My Talisman" (1986; participant in the main competition of the Venice International Film Festival; prizes - "Golden Plateau" in Avelino, Italy, "Golden Tulip" in Istanbul, Turkey), "Tracker" (1987; O. Yankovsky won the prize for the best performance of the main male role at the Valladolid International Film Festival in Spain), "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District" (1989; participant in the main competition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival), "First Love" (1995, Nika-95 Award), "Two Moons, Three Suns" (1998), etc. In 2004, he made a film based on contemporary subject matter, "Night of Light", which reflects the artist's main life principle - deep compassion for people. "Birds of Paradise" (2008), "We Are, We Are Close..." (2020). A characteristic feature of R. Balayan's work can be considered an appeal to the problems of the intelligentsia. His characters are characterised by a "chamber" way of existence (room, forest, circus, city). This "inhabited space" is contrasted with the aggressive outside world.
His interest in existential, spiritual, mental, existential, and human problems reveals the director's true purpose, both in his references to literary classics and in his attempts to explore problems that are quite modern. He has served as a jury member of reputable film festivals. In particular, he chaired the jury of the 10th International Auteur Film Festival BIAFF 2015 in Batumi (September 2015), the jury of Ukrainian short films at the Molodist International Film Festival (October 2015, Kyiv). He provided curatorial patronage of the two-year Higher Film Directing Courses in Armenia, which were established with his involvement.

He is a full holder of the Order of Merit. He was awarded the Order of Merit of the 1st (2016), 2nd (2008) and 3rd (2001) class. In 2020, he was awarded the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, 5th Class. He was the first recipient of the award "For the Development of National Cinematography" (2003), established by the Ukraine 3000 Fund. In 2002, he became a laureate of the All-Ukrainian Programme "The Leaders of Regions". Awarded the Gold Medal of the NAA of Ukraine (2016).