Victor Danylenko

Academician of the NAA of Ukraine


Victor Danylenko

    born in 1952

Artist and Designer, Researcher

    Academician of the NAA of Ukraine (2017)

    Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine (2007)

    PhD in Art History (2006)

    Professor (1996)

The professional activity of Victor Danylenko demonstrates high pedagogical talent, active research work and skilful design creativity. V. Danylenko's creative work consists of extensive implementation of industrial designs, urban environment objects, interiors, as well as graphic and visual art works. He has a considerable number of research papers (over 200) published both in Ukraine and abroad. He has published materials related to the problems of the development of Ukrainian design in the global context, the development of regional design, and the upgrade of the methodological foundations of design training in Ukraine. As an educator at a leading design school, V. Danylenko trains specialists based on his own creative experience and scientific and theoretical methods of teaching design in higher educational institutions.
Victor Danylenko is an active participant in regional, national and international design exhibitions. Major creative works: "High-Comfort Bus (Olympics - 80)" (1976), "Family of Household Meat Grinders and Juicers" (1980), " Kids' Bike" (1983), "Universal Agricultural Machine" (1985), "Gardening Equipment" (1988); graphic series: "Karelia" (1980-1983), "Old Towns" (1989-1992); series of paintings: "Carpathians" (1975), "Slobozhanshchyna" (1994-2000); design project of equipment for the information platform in Kharkiv; interiors of the foyer of the main building of the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.
Major scientific works:
"Kharkiv School of Design" (1992), "Historical background of the Ukrainian School of Design" (1993), "75 years of the Kharkiv School of Art" (1996), "Fundamentals of Design" (1996), "Design Education of Ukraine in the World Context" (1997), "New Views on Industrial, Graphic, and Environmental Design" (2000), "Design" (2003), "Design of Ukraine in the World Context of Art and Design Culture" (2005), "The Future of European Design: Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine" (2007), "Design of Central and Eastern Europe" (2009), essays on the history of Ukrainian design "Design Ukraine in the European Dimension" (2010-2011), "Development of Art-Students Positive Attitudes Towards Physical Education by Means of Universal Design" (2020), Danylenko V., Danylenko L. "Design Education in European Countries: Great Britain and Ukraine" (Journal of Visual Art and Design. Vol. 13, No. 1, p. 75-94. Web of Science, 2021).

1952 — was born on 24 July in Kharkiv city.1974 — graduated from the Kharkiv Art and Industrial Institute with a degree in Industrial Art.From 1975 to 1976 — senior artist-designer at the All-Ukrainian Design Institute of Bus Building (Lviv city).Since 1976 he has worked at the Kharkiv Art and Industrial Institute (now Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts): junior researcher (1976), senior lecturer at the Department of Artistic Design (1986), Head of the Department of Design (1991), Vice-Rector for Research (1992).From 1999 to 2021 – Rector of the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.2001 – elected a corresponding member of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.
Member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine, Chairman of the Design Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Awards: Gold Medal of the AUC (2004).