Department of Cinematography

About the Department

The Department of Cinematography includes 11 members:
6 academics and 5 corresponding members.

One of the priority activities of the Department's representatives is to focus on current issues of media education, the professional creativity of new-generation filmmakers, and their films that will worthily represent Ukraine at international film festivals, contributing to the formation of a positive image of the state.

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    The Department of Cinematography, one of the 6 departments of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, was established upon the foundation of the Academy (in December 1996), and in December 1997 the first elections of full members (academicians) and corresponding members of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine were held.
    Five academicians and seven corresponding members were elected to the Department of Cinematography, all prominent cinematographers: feature, documentary and animation film directors, cinematographers and screenwriters whose works have frequently represented Ukraine at prestigious film forums around the world and made a significant contribution to the spiritual treasure chamber of Ukraine.
    Among the 12 members of the department's first board were 6 People's Artists, 5 Honoured Artists, and 5 winners of the Taras Shevchenko State Prize. Currently, the members of the department include feature film directors Roman Balayan, Mykhailo Illienko, Viacheslav Kryshtofovych, Willen Novak, Oleh Fialko, Serhiy Masloboyshchykov, popular science film director Victor Olender, film critic and film historian Serhiy Trymbach - all of these bright artistic personalities are the source of the identity of Ukrainian cinematography.
    In addition to film practitioners, the department includes experts in cultural theory and on-screen arts: Doctor of Philosophy Hanna Chmil, Doctor of Arts, Cultural Studies Vadym Skurativskyi, Doctor of Arts, Cultural Studies Iryna Zubavina. 
    The participation of scientists in the work of the department ensures a high theoretical level in understanding the specifics of the development of the national film process, comprehending the history and prospects of the national screen, because one of the urgent tasks of the state scientific institution, which is the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, is to conduct fundamental research in the field of film studies, search for effective ways to revive Ukrainian culture, develop and enrich the traditions of national cinema, and develop scientific and theoretical problems of artistic creativity, history and theory of Ukrainian screen art, introducing it to the global context, and strengthening cooperation with artists from both the near and far abroad.
    The Department's work is carried out in accordance with the plans approved by the Presidium of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine and action plans for the implementation of decisions taken at regular sessions of the Academy's General Meeting. 
    The performance of the activities of the general work plan of the department and the personal plans of the department members are discussed at the meetings of the Bureau and at the General Meeting, as well as during the regular course of activities. The work of the Department of Cinematography is traditionally focused on three main areas: creative filmmaking practice, scientific research, and organisational activities. 
    Over the past few years, the main focus of work has been on a theoretical understanding of changes in the global and national film process and the challenges faced by young filmmakers, which has helped to train qualified specialists in the field of screen arts and strengthen the link between the generations of experts. 
    It's a young age to be 25 years old, but the Academy has already established certain traditions. This is the way the annual Art of the Young event, which was launched by the Academy of Arts of Ukraine in 1998, has become a regular tradition. In 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012, the annual event highlighted the work of young artists in the field of cinematic arts. 
    The members of the Department of Cinematography, making efforts to further foster the development of film professions, are actively involved in working with young filmmakers. The members of the department take part in conferences, screenings, and discussions to identify the most urgent problems of the young generation of cinema professionals, including challenges in professional education, their first festival successes, and their creative aspirations.
    The majority of the members of the Department of Cinematography successfully combine creative work with teaching and lecturing, are involved in the editorial boards of reputable scientific and professional publications, and participate in the selection committees and juries of film festivals of various ranks, such as Molodist, KROK, Artek, etc, including international ones. 
    From year to year, the Department of Cinematography analyses the Ukrainian cinema in all areas of the industry (film production, distribution, research and professional education), analysing the challenging path of Ukrainian filmmaking, the issues and achievements of the cinematic art of an independent state.


Academic Secretary: S. MasloboyshchykovDeputy Academic Secretary: H. ChmilDepartment Office (Bureau): S.Masloboyshchykov, H.Chmil, S.Trymbach, O.Yanchuk Scientific Secretary: I. Zubavina
Telephone: 486-38-01 



Sergii Masloboishchykov

Academic Secretary and Head of the Department's Bureau

Film director, screenwriter, theatre director, television and advertising director, graphic artist, painter, and stage costume designer. Academician of the NAA of Ukraine (2021), laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine, and Honoured Artist of Ukraine


Hanna Chmil

Deputy Academic Secretary and Member of the Department's Bureau

Culture expert, philosopher, film critic, and educator. Academician of the NAA of Ukraine (2013), PhD in Philosophy, Professor


Sergiy Trymbach

Member of the Department's Bureau

Screenwriter, critic, cinema historian, educator, and public figure. Corresponding member of the NAA of Ukraine (2017), laureate of the Oleksandr Dovzhenko State Prize of Ukraine


Oleksandr (Oles) Yanchuk

Member of the Department's Bureau

Film director, producer, and screenwriter. Corresponding member of the NAA of Ukraine (2021), People's Artist of Ukraine