"An inside look or metamorphosis of reality"

2021, canvas, oil,
190 х 190 cm


"Forced disorientation (From the Flashes of Black Earth series)"

2023, canvas, oil,
200 х 200 cm

The collective symbolic character created by Victor Sydorenko gives an abstract idea of instincts and human nature, of fear and despair, and of the disorientation of a person in the modern world. Sydorenko is one of the few artists who addressed the subject of a person in the post-soviet era and seeks to interpret it in different semantic presentations. In doing so, he attempts, on the one hand, to overcome the inertial individualisation of society, and, on the other hand, he is able to "travel" with the character beyond his own statement, offering a new interpretation of events: the cruelty and inevitability of time, the strange "intertwining" of individual human destiny with it. In the project “Millstones of Time”, presented at the 50th Venice Biennale, Sydorenko addressed, among other things, the personal trauma of being born into a family of deported migrants. Sydorenko’s contemporary protagonist continues to explore human boundaries: is there anything in the world that human beings fail to break?


Victor Sydorenko

    born in 1953

Artist, Academician and President of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

Born in 1953 in Taldykorgan (Kazakhstan). 1979 - he graduated from the Kharkiv Art and Industry Institute with honours (class of Prof. B. Kosarev, winner of the USSR State Prize). 1981 - he started post-graduate studies at the USSR Academy of Arts creative workshops, supervised by the USSR Academy of Arts academician, the People’s Artist of the USSR, winner of the USSR state prizes Prof. S. Grigoriev. At the same time, Victor worked as an art director of the film The Anatomy of the miracle, director V.Ivanov).In 2001, he founded and headed the Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts.
Awards1996, Kyiv, Ukraine. The winner of "Golden section" at Art festival.2000, Kyiv, Ukraine. The winner of "the Gold Palette» on "Millennium-opening day".2003, Kyiv, Ukraine. Golden Medal of Ukrainian Academy of Arts.2005, Magdebourg, Germany. The author of the best project of V International Festival of Arts.
Biennials2003 “Millstones of time”, the personal project at 50th International exhibition of the modern art in Venice. The author and the curator of the project.2007 "The poem about an internal sea", the Ukrainian project at 52nd International exhibition of the modern art in Venice. The co-curator.
CollectionsNational Art Museum of UkraineKharkiv Museum of Fine Arts, UkraineDnipro Art Museum, UkraineNational Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery", UkraineMuseum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Helsinki, FinlandMinistry of Culture and Arts of UkraineIsmayil Art Gallery, UkraineYale University, School of Art, United States